We're proud to uphold one of the most diverse mastheads in modern film criticism by exclusively publishing the works of writers and artists from around the world, some established, many first timers, almost all from multiple marginalized identities. SVLLY(wood) is a D.I.Y leftist experimental film publication with a wonderful list of poets, photographers, filmmakers, designers, d.j's and writers, with many more to come in 2018!



Rooney Elmi

founder + managing editor

besides running SVLLY(wood), rooney is a freelance writer, filmmaker, and a true crime aficionadocheck out her website for more info.

twitter: zenonthesequal ig: @zenonthesequal contact rooney for press inquires [rooneyelmi@gmail.com]

Katie Martina

senior editor

katie is a pittsburgh-based copywriter who's perpetually stressing about finding the time to see every movie on her growing to-watch list. emboldened by her degree in marketing and digital media from the university of pittsburgh, she hopes to progress in her chosen field while fueling her passions with freelance writing, personal photography, and as many films and hikes she can possibly cram into one weekend. Find her on IG: @kmartina

Meghan King

senior copy line editor + essayist

meghan king is a writer and future restorer of architecture. she lives in toronto, ontario. check out her ig: @creamysmoothpopicongoddess

vol.1 issue.1: Tragic Feminine Heroine

Nathasha O. Kappler

writer and senior digital artist

nathasha o. kappler is a freelance writer,graphic designer, and aspiring english literature and film educator currently residing in berlin, germany. twitter: @tashakappler ig: tashakappler

vol.1 issue.1: Catharsis of the Psychotic Housewife vol.1 issue.2: created all original designs  

Qaman Omar

senior editoral designer

designed all of vol.1's print issues. follow him on instagram.

Nasra Mohammed

cover(s) and promo designer

for vol.1 issue.3: INCARCERATION. You can follow her on Twitter and IG


Kariima Ali


Kariima is a freelance photographer based in London and co- founder of the art collective Black British Girlhood. When she's not desperately trying to find a language to write about the films she loves, she's watching re-runs of the office. IG: @kariima.a Twitter: @Itsablurtbh

vol.1 issue.2: Exploring Haile Gerima's Child of Resistance and the Black Radical Tradition

Khaled Alsenan


Considers himself the Sontag of the 90's.

vol.1 issue.2: Manifesting a Political Cinema

Erika Arbak


Erika Arbak is a photographer and cinematographer from Bend, Oregon. She is fully self taught and started taking photos when she was 13 years old. She has always had a special interest in capturing people and portraits, whether that be on 35mm film, still digital images, ballpoint pen portraits, or through video and film. You may see more of her photography at erikaarbak.com.

vol.1 issue.1: Giallo Realness

Juan Velásquez-Buriticá 


juan velásquez-buriticá is a writer living in bogotá and barcelona. His work centers on dance, labour, and leisure in film. He spends his free time thinking about the opening scene in beau travail.

vol.1 issue.1: Buying your way out of Horror

Nel Dahl

writer/ d.j

nel dahl is a certified neurotic heroine residing in the pacific northwest who delights in fantasy/gothic horror, representation of women in the arts and synths. check out her twitter: @nelkendahl and portfolio.

vol.1 issue.1: WAKING THE WITCH: the elusive feminist playlist to Halloween 2k16

Kelly Gallagher

animated filmmaker

Kelly is a experimental animator and filmmaker, currently based in Yellow Springs, Ohio where I’m also a professor of Media Arts at Antioch College. I am primarily interested in handcrafted filmmaking and exploring the ways in which experimental and handcrafted animations make labor visible, aesthetically gesturing towards the human relations of their production. Visit her official website and vimeo

vol.1 issue.2: experimental short film for INTIFADA!



Girish is a freelance film critic. She writes for Film Comment, Village Voice, Reverse Shot, Vague Visages, and MUBI’s Notebook, among others. She grew up in India, studied film and critical theory at Brown University, and will soon start a Master’s in Specialized Arts Journalism at the University of Southern California. Follow her on Twitter: @devikagirgayi.

Nadia el. H

former senior digital artist and designer

nadia is a artist based in the netherlands. created covers and layouts for bulletin.1 and vol.1 issue.1

Miles Le

junior digital artist

has no idea what he's doing except that he really likes movies and thinks po from kung fu panda is #relatable bc nothing in cinema will ever reach the emotional heights of kung fu panda 2 and po likes to eat and watch old martial arts movies. twitter: @miles_le ig: @mileslikescats

bulletin.1 and vol.1 issue.1: created collage(s) 

Robyn Maloney

junior essay artist. 

robyn maloney is a part time artist from the bay area who likes comics and cats. check out her out: robynpaper.tumblr.com

created artwork for vol.1 issue.1



Montague is a film programmer and writer based in New York. Tayler aspires to embark on her own filmmaking ambitions in the near future. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @tylrmntg!

vol.1 issue.3: INCARCERATION - Lessons Well Learned: Reflecting on CIVIL BRAND and WOMAN ART THOU LOOSED.

Rory Padgett


A second year MFA Film Candidate at the Cathy Hughes School of Communications at Howard University. He has written previously about the L.A. Rebellion and is set to release a short film, “Orchid Boys” with Julie Dash as Executive Producer later this year. Check him out: Twitter: @Rem_Blues Insta: @remblues

vol.1 issue.2: Radical Legacy of the Zapatista's Media Strategy

Willow Maclay 


willow maclay is a film critic based in st. john's, newfoundland. she has written for publications such as clèo: a journal of film and feminism, bechdel test fest, movie mezzanine, village voice and her own blog curtsies and hand grenades. when she's not writing she's taking care of her dreadfully clumsy cat calcifer.

vol.1 issue.1: Someday you will ache like I ache

Sarah Z. Mamo


Sarah (they/she) 4th-year at OSU majoring in African American and African Studies and Women’s Studies. They are also a poet. Her membership in the International Socialist Organization and the OSU Coalition for Black Liberation underscores their political engagement, which directly informs their poetry. As a firm believer of art as a vehicle for politics and art as a way to envision an alternative world and make sense of our current one, she intends to write poetry and reman committed to activism for the rest of their life. Check her out on IG/Twitter: @zewmageddon.

vol.1 issue.1: Horror Story

Kariyma Murphy

digital designer and logo creator

Kariyma Murphy is a senior year Graphic Design major at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Her skills include: creating vector graphics, designing book spreads, motion graphics, and logo design. She is working to find a way to integrate her interests in design with her interests in social issues. Check out her official website for more.

vol.1 issue.2: front + back cover and logo's

Frank Odlaws

frank is essentially a human cartoon always hyper analyzing the desperation and passion of old hollywood punch lines! frank sees a mirror of self in the slapstick foibles of classic comedy,westerns and exploitation pictures, they are the subtle satirical political subtext, the roger rabbit soapbox.  Check out their portfolio site odraws.tumblr.com or tumblr: odlaws.tumblr.com

vol.1 issue.1: freaky face horror kweens artwork

Mary Zakehim  

copy line editor for vol.1 issue.1

when she's not figuring out what the middle button on her headphones is for, explaining the difference between washington state and washington d.c., arriving to the airport too early or refusing to use the oxford comma, you can usually find mary in the mountains, at a show or on her couch. mary writes for a living, much to her surprise.