vol.1 issue. 2

Sally Fields in  Norma Rae

Sally Fields in Norma Rae


There is no revolutionary art as yet. There are the elements of this art, there are hints and attempts at it, and, what is most important, there is the revolutionary man, who is forming the new generation in his own image and who is more and more in need of this art. How long will it take for such art to reveal itself clearly?

Leon Trotsky

Communist Policy Toward Art (1923)

In the aftermath of Trump’s presidential win, SVLLY(wood) Magazine is gearing up for the impending fascist takeover with our sophomore issue, INTIFADA!, highlighting the radical manifestos, aesthetics, movements, history, politics, and future of cinema.

Intifada (انتفاضة) is the Arabic word for ‘shivering’ more commonly known in English as, ‘uprising’. Here at SVLLY(wood), we’re all about uplifting and empowering marginalized voices and the long maligned leftist tradition of revolutionary cinematic ideals and rhetoric.  Will there be a new wave cinematic uprising? If so, how do you envision it?  How can past radical film movements help us predict the future?

SVLLY(wood) is also an experimental publication – although heavily invested in written critique - we’re also accepting pitches involving photo essays, audio-visuals (cine-essay), as well as revolutionary soundtracks to issue.2.

300 word pitches are being accepted at with the heading: pitch: INTIFADA! along with two (2) writing samples. Your pitch please should outline your potential piece and how it ties into the issue. For suggestions on how to craft a great pitch check out these resources: (1) (2) HINT: think of it as writing an abstract to a larger paper!

Deadline to pitch is Friday 12/30/2016. Everyone is free to submit regardless of prior bylines. INTIFADA! will be released end of FEBRUARY.

Topics to consider pitching

We’re looking for in-depth analysis on the aesthetics, history, and critical film analysis on films that showcase personal and/or political uprisings.

Movies to consider include (or come up with your own choice)

A Single Spark (1995), Born in Flames (1983), The Battle of Algiers (1966), The Wind that Shakes the Barley (2006), Sergei M. Eisenstein’s Strike (1925), Moolaadé (2004), Lakota Woman: Siege at Wounded Knee (1994)

Check out our curated film syllabus on the upcoming issue on YouTube and Letterboxd

Legacy of workers unity + artistic labor unions

Vol.1 Issue.2 will be released in the midst of award season, a now all to common annual blowout that deserves to have its origin story displayed at center-stage.  The Academy Awards was born out of a well-crafted union busting coalition of studio heads eager to suppress a workers unity and emphasis competition amongst creatives for the profit and prestige of elite few. Cine-essay(s) and papers are accepted on this topic of forgotten history, and how leftists should respond to award season banter.


Cinema of Transgression, Dogma ’95, Manifesto of the Palestinian Cinema Group (1973), Cinéma Pur, etc.

Radical film movements

Strengths and weaknesses of Third Cinema, Fourth Cinema, Hollywood Ten, No Wave Cinema, New Queer Cinema, American Zoetrope, LA Rebellion, etc.


Reading Recommendations


·      Film Manifestos and Global Cinema Cultures: A Critical Anthology by Scott MacKenzie


·      Third Cinema Today by Nicola Marzano on OFFSCREEN vol. 13 issue. 6


·      Third Cinema in the Third World The Aesthetics of Liberation


By, For, and About: The “’Real’” Problem in the Feminist Film Movement


·      Nick Zedd’s Cinema of Transgression Manifesto


·      An introduction, thoughts about Fourth Cinema


·      Fourth World Film: Politics of Indigenous Representation in Mainstream and Indigenous Cinema


·      LA Rebellion on Artforum


·      Do It Yourself culture: from music and art to theatre and film on The Guardian


·      The Aesthetics of Dogma 95


·      On Vanity Fair The House That Mr. Mayer Built: Inside the Union-Busting Birth of the Academy Awards 

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